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Motivation paper self assessment . I have included in the previous order with you the self assessment questions pages - Assignment Example

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All employees are subject to any relevant pressure such as quotas, new territories and the market change. In this response, managers should look forward to creating a more motivating workplace. Based on such…
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Motivation paper self assessment . I have included in the previous order with you the self assessment questions pages
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Extract of sample "Motivation paper self assessment . I have included in the previous order with you the self assessment questions pages"

Motivation by Managers Managers should continually find means of motivating their staff. All employees are to anyrelevant pressure such as quotas, new territories and the market change. In this response, managers should look forward to creating a more motivating workplace. Based on such dominant needs including the desire to be in charge of a project and have the opportunity to do individual work and not minding others persons’ works, the manager should ensure the provision of such needs in order to establish a successful motivation. Proper motivation entails much support, recognition of efforts and rewarding success. Therefore, managers should learn to listen to their employees and adjust their goals with respect to what matters most to them. An employee would want to be in command whenever he/she is working in a group. On the other side, the manager should not assume that all employees have all the training, tools and support they required. He should check out from them personally to find out. Good pay would make one feel much motivated (Daft et al. 4).
My score; growth=15
The manager should communicate well thereby offering training sessions, newsletters, memos and regular meetings so as to present their vision. They should make sure that employees participate by asking questions and get answers. The last aspect to ensure a successful motivation is by ensuring that the manager awards every achievement of the employee with respect to their dominant needs. All efforts should be acknowledged and awarded. Mistakes should be corrected in a friendly manner.
Humans have some set of motivation system that is unrelated to rewards. We need motivation to achieve certain desires. The fulfillment of one dominant need leads to the desire to fulfill the next one. Such needs like physiological needs, safety and the need of love, as well as esteem may affect management in the sense that, the fulfillment one particular need seeks to fulfill the next need. In this situation, the achievement needs may serve a greater purpose for success.
My score; achievement= 19
Affiliation= 10
As an employee, one would mostly value the lifestyle benefits. The employee places a higher priority to the rewards that are directed to their lifestyle benefits such as a discount on their health insurance as well as in cars. An employee would work well for improvement is such areas as their capabilities, their behaviors and attitudes. Such information can be useful to the managers in understanding the type of lifestyle benefits that they would offer to their employees for their awards so that they can feel motivated and increase their competency (Daft et al. 12)
“5”-good pay, recognition, job security
“4”-pleasant conditions, flexible schedule, friendly coworkers
“3”-changes to advance,
“2”-interesting work
“1”-prestige title
In the working situation, I would be much comfortable with delegating. However, if the need be, delegating might take its course. In some situations, it feels like, the other members of staff are not committed as I would be. However, there develops a feeling that if any work is delegated, it would not be done as well as I would have personally done it. Lack of trust to the competence of other staff makes it difficult for me to delegate. For this reason, my ability to delegate is thereby affected by the views I have on the nature of other people.
My score=37
Work Cited
Daft, Richard L, and Richard L. Daft. New Era of Management. Mason, Ohio: Thomson South-Western, 2007. Print. Read More
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