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Responsibilities of a Team in Managing Resources - Assignment Example

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This essay explores the responsibilities of a team in managing resources and components of a plan that manages team’s use of resources. The team has a collective leadership role of working towards the achievement of the organization’s mission, vision, and strategic goals…
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Responsibilities of a Team in Managing Resources
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Extract of sample "Responsibilities of a Team in Managing Resources"

Download file to see previous pages It is evidently clear from the discussion that the organization has to make use of its resources to achieve its objectives. Therefore, the team has to ensure that the group members aim at attaining the set standards by making proper use of the resources to avoid wastage. The team acts as the organization’s ambassadors. The team together with the stakeholders and the board develop strategies for future operations and give recommendations on the appropriate course of actions in the management of resources. More often, management of resources depends on the recommendations of the team-leaders and leadership of the organization. The team plays a critical role ensuring that it gives relevant information on the management of resources. It also keeps an eye on the progress of the organization in its operation. It acts as a watchdog on how the organization operates and making use of its resources. Constant monitoring of the organization ensures those resources are used appropriately and wastage is reduced significantly. Lastly, the team has a duty of advising the management team on the proper use of resources. There is no doubt that most managers cannot manage the organization effectively without the help of other staff and groups. These are the information sources on how the organization can be managed. The team, advice on particular areas the organization can do to manage its resources effectively. Resource plan is a document that explains the aim and purpose of the team, how it operates as well as the expected outcomes. They are simply the ‘roadmaps’ that ensures that the organization achieves its goals. Most importantly, this plan ensures that the organization uses its resources as intended thus achieving its objectives. Although the organization may face challenges, it provides a guideline on how to make use of the available resources and attain its success. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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