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Your personal reflections discuss the challenges, problems and conflicts that may occur in teams, Are teams more effective decision makers and problem solvers than individuals - Essay Example

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There is a different experience in working with a team rather than working with an individual. During the preparation of exhibition the behaviour of team members are very…
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Your personal reflections discuss the challenges, problems and conflicts that may occur in teams, Are teams more effective decision makers and problem solvers than individuals
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Extract of sample "Your personal reflections discuss the challenges, problems and conflicts that may occur in teams, Are teams more effective decision makers and problem solvers than individuals"

Download file to see previous pages However, working with individual eliminates the possibility of collision of many ideas which ultimately stems into chaos.
I had a great time with my team members who belong to different cultures and country as a whole. Two of the team members are from Qatar; others are from Egypt, Chad and China. Through this session of team work I have identified the characteristics of each team member and have studied them properly. The exhibition is expected to be successful since each and every team members have the capability to deal with any difficulty or unforeseen situation. The effectiveness of their decision making is high since all of them give their ideas and collectively reach a certain decision which is likely to be successful. The essay highlights my perception and experience during the preparation of the exhibition with my team members (Ahuja, 2006).
I have observed that people often forms a group to accomplish some but they may not work together too. However, if they work together they are called a team. A team can be referred as a group of people who first organize themselves for working cooperatively towards a single objective which is set by them. However, according to my perception effective teams cannot be created automatically. There are people in a team who pass through a phase of understanding and cohesion at the same time before they are able to do some useful work and take a critical decision (Ahuja, 2006).
During preparation of the exhibition my team is formed by taking the most efficient members who can contribute positively towards the attainment of the goal. The team members are individual researchers who have helped in doing researches about the main topic of the exhibition and share their understanding regarding the same. It is very crucial for me to understand the development of the team since each and every member have different potency and different bent of mind which guards their morality and ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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