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Conflict management in organizations - Research Paper Example

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This project will address the issue of conflict management in organizations. The project will view the organizational and interpersonal causal attributions of conflict. The process of conflict mediation and resolution will be viewed…
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Conflict management in organizations
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Download file to see previous pages Attorneys attempt to reach an agreement on a lawsuit. An association of gasoline stations may attempt to reach an agreement on the price of gasoline. Negotiation is part of life (Fisher, 2011). A. Statement of Issue There are a variety of conflict management strategies which may be applied. One may try to force an individual or a group. This entails the application of authority or power to unilaterally satisfy the concerns of one of the parties involved. Accommodation is another option, completely satisfying the other party involved without fulfilling the needs of the opposing party. Avoidance tactics which are not acknowledging the conflict or the other parties involved. Compromising which entails finding a solution which is pleasing to both parties. Collaborating which is agreeing with the other party and trying to find a way for both parties to win ( Conflicts are usually the result of the following elements: Deficiency in communication. The direction or the quantity of resources is not considered satisfactory. Personality clashes. Administrative problems ( Conflicts may result in negative perceptions of the other party ( Frictions between groups or teams is natural and part of industrial relationships (Murray, 1974). In applying the Five factor Matrix of personality and the demand control matrix of the work environment as a reference point, those with more demanding employment positions were more prone to conflicts with those with less demanding employment positions (Sutin & Costa, 2010). Conflicts may occur in modern day work environments due to chronic fatigue syndrome. There is a relationship with regards...
This research will begin with the statement that conflicts may be described as a disagreement or test of will between two individuals or groups with differing desires, concepts, perceptions, values, and objectives. The conflict may increase and lead to a non desired outcome or it may be peacefully resolved and lead to the desired outcome. Learning to administrate conflicts is of tantamount significance to a team or group which produces a high output. No one really looks for conflict; conflict may be an outcome of lack of communication or faulty communication between individuals or groups. With regards to desires, concepts, perceptions, values, and objectives. Conflict management is the concept which all conflicts may not come to a resolution without mediation. Administration of the conflict and the desires, concepts, and perceptions of those involved may maximize the risk of an undesired outcome. Whether we like it or not, negotiation is an everyday occurrence. One may plead with managers for improved conditions in the workplace. One may attempt to bargain with an individual or group, for anything from a newspaper to a newspaper advertisement selling a vehicle or a home. Attorneys attempt to reach an agreement on a lawsuit. An association of gasoline stations may attempt to reach an agreement on the price of gasoline. Negotiation is part of life. Conflicts are natural and inevitable. When teams are composed, the variations in individual power, values, perceptions, desires, and attitudes will increase the possibility of conflict.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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