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Conflict paper - Essay Example

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All conflicts create tensions and make’s a story more interesting by adding doubt and anticipation for an outcome (Wandberg, 2001).While…
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Conflict paper
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Download file to see previous pages e different forces or ideologies that there exists miss understanding between the individuals, groups, parties, or forces involved in the conflict (Raines, 2013). The two conflicting sides in a conflict are usually referred to as the protagonists and antagonists.
There are various classifications of conflict, these include man against society: this is where man is in conflict with a social institution that is man-made. Conflicts that come under this classification, include the social conflicts, for example slavery, and bullying (Wandberg, 2001). The underlying principle here is that man is forced to make moral choices or is deeply forced by society’s moral values and rules that make him or her frustrated and desperately long for change. Man against man: this is wherepeople are usually against other people, it is also referred to as external conflict, and it may be in terms of direct opposition, for example, buy the use of weapons, for example, the Vietnam War, or World War II or reflect a subtle conflict of desires between two or more parties, for example, family disputes or a romance war (Dana, 2001). Man against nature: this is a type of conflict where man is in conflict with a particular force of nature, for example, animals; this has greatly been depicted in various parts of the world as man encroaches into territories that are usually in habited by animals (Iršič, 2007). Additionally man could be experiencing weird forces of nature which include storms, tornedoes, snow storms as well as snow storms. Man against self: this is a classification of conflict where man tries too hard to overcome his or her own nature and follow a particular path that he or she deems desirable. It is also referred to as internal conflict and individuals apply the logic of good or evil, for example, a drug addict desperately trying to fight his addiction, a sinner desperately trying to avoid sin and embrace salvation (Hocker & Wilmot, 2013).
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