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Management and Leadership Coaching Models - Essay Example

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The two selected models relate to behavioral change and situational leadership. While both relate to management coaching, behavioral change is the science that entails performance, leaning…
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Management and Leadership Coaching Models
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Extract of sample "Management and Leadership Coaching Models"

Management and Leadership Coaching Models The importance of coaching is to ensure change and growth for the benefit of the client. The two selected models relate to behavioral change and situational leadership. While both relate to management coaching, behavioral change is the science that entails performance, leaning and development of a person or team so as to promote organizational growth. It entails the appreciation of behavior processes and how they affect the functions of people in the firm and integrates research from various disciplines, system theories and leadership literature. In this, a coach will consider differences in his own and the client’s personality, knowledge, abilities and skills which will assist him to tailor the specific needs of the person (Skiffington & Zeus, 2003). Contrary to this, situational leadership model to identify the variables in the situation at hand and change their management techniques to suit to the behavioral needs of an individual or group they are influencing. It ensures that leaders adapt continuously to accommodate changing abilities of their people and complex tasks over time.
Behavioral change model can be applied in organizations when assessing covert actions such as anxiety and limiting beliefs in individuals. They work in assessing emotional and environmental vents as well as providing statistical proof of change with benefits. It cannot work when defining the progress of a person based on personal traits and characteristics. On the other hand, situational leadership can be applied to leadership only and may not work in other levels of an organization structure (Escondido, 1998). It is applied to address leadership behaviors such as telling people what to do, selling information and direction to followers, participating on relationship as opposed to direction and delegating responsibility to groups while monitoring the progress.
Skiffington, S. & Zeus, P. (2003). Behavioral coaching: how to build sustainable personal and organizational strength. Maidenhead. McGraw-Hill Education – Europe.
Escondido, C. (1998). Situational leadership. Escondido, CA. Center for Leadership Studies Read More
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