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Higher Certificate Golf Management Graded Unit Case Study - Essay Example

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In spite of this fact, it still lacked a proper set of rules that governed the game in a homogeneous manner. However for the love of the game, or recreation, each club that was offering golf as a sporting activity developed and amended their…
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Higher Certificate Golf Management Graded Unit Case Study
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Download file to see previous pages ublished rules: golfing matches and their popularity were still played using all manner of improvised equipments, on public lands with bets becoming a salient feature. It was not uncommon for the matches to be followed by festive group drinking and unrestrained celebratory outcomes on the course. Thus the character of golf remained without significant impact that the rules were meant to bring.
In 1783 a significant transformation nonetheless appeared to change the face of golf. A reference to etiquette for the very first time in history, “While a stroke is playing none of the party shall walk about, by speaking or otherwise” (The rules of golf,1783),was inserted by the Society of golfers even though other existing clubs such as St Andrews, Leith, Bruntsfield and Crail not doing so. By 1810 the Glascow Golf Club took it a notch higher by expanding the etiquette code through stating that, “Every member who is a player, that is who has played twice during the season, shall make a match on the day when the club is played for, and play for it under the penalty of a bottle of rum (The rules of Golf, 1810).Slowly golf was transforming in perceptions of manners and was as a result getting socially perceived as a sport for social improvement. Following, rules were made that in the same lines of etiquette that demanded attendants to keep quiet, to walk after the players and refrain from removing objects from the course. These rules were to be adopted by other clubs as time went by, even though some other clubs not mentioning about behavior in their respective rules until the late 19th century when the Royal and Ancient Golf Club of St Andrews instituted a unifying code (Wallenfeldt,:83).
(b)The earliest playing instrument was known as Scottish Cleek, a long wooden club. The ball was known as the feather ball. In 1842 appeared the forerunner known as the gutta-perch ball which was impervious to rain and damp thus it extended the playing seasons from dry cold months to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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