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Can GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Guided Earthworks Construction Reduce Or Eliminate Golf Course Shaper Costs - Dissertation Example

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This essay discusses construction companies whcih offer golf shaping exist like Greens and Tees Construction Limited. The company had been offering shaping services for several years already, which makes it a skilled and highly respected company…
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Can GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Guided Earthworks Construction Reduce Or Eliminate Golf Course Shaper Costs
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Extract of sample "Can GPS (Global Positioning Systems) Guided Earthworks Construction Reduce Or Eliminate Golf Course Shaper Costs"

Download file to see previous pages This project declares that the GPS tracking system available to the public are easily decrypted, thus revealing the message. Encryption is the key protection that GPS uses. The signals are encrypted using various coding methods before transmission and is encrypted via decryption tools once it reached the receiving node. Interception can happen while the signal is transferred from the sender to the receiver, and none of the two nodes will have the slightest idea that the readings are faulty.
This paper makes a conclusion that GPS automatically uses UTC time update to synchronize its time reading, as discrepancies with time intervals, even to its littlest differentials, would cause faulty readings. GPS satellites are monitored constantly within 789-second duration. Calculations of the location are computed using at least three satellite points. “Common-view is the use of specially arranged, simultaneous view measurements, that maximize satellite elevation angles between pairs of stations (USNO GPS Time Transfer, n.d).” almost 50 laboratories participate in synchronizing the time transfer. It is notable that strict compliance to the time measure is rigorously observed. Through the use of the GPS, the time that it takes for an entire golf course to be finished can be decreased significantly. This is due to the fact that using GPS needs lesser time to complete the shape of the golf course than using actual golf shapers. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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