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Impact of Organisational Behavior on Performance of Casual Togs Firm - Assignment Example

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This essay analyzes the impact of organizational behavior of Casual Togs firm on its overall performance. The firm specializes in manufacturing of women apparel. Organizational behavior relates to the functions of the management teams, their interaction with subordinate staff and their decisions…
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Extract of sample "Impact of Organisational Behavior on Performance of Casual Togs Firm"

Download file to see previous pages This essay assists in evaluating organizational needs of Casual Togs firm in relation to its employee’s behavior, influence of leaders, managerial roles, decision making and aspects of culture.
The company profit levels relates to its strategy of producing products for moderate customers. Through this strategy a customer through mixing or matching clothes may be able to assembly their wardrobe. This mix or match strategy however is not parented and because of these competitors have increased in town. This loophole has seen larger firms as well as smaller fashion companies. Nevertheless, President does not see such events as threat. The company’s C.E.O views that price competition is worse than any other form. The company has therefore opened new production points to meet growing demand and competitions. These production units come under scrutiny from the head office. In an attempt to increase on its production, the company improved its machine production capacity. This necessitated acquisition of new machines. On the other hand, the company’s chief instructed the Vice president of sales to ensure there is a daily sales printout. The president as a leader promotes democratic principles in the organization. He encourages his production teams to act according to situations.
Casual Togs Inc through its operation faces diverse challenges. Some of these challenges relate to its management styles, influence of poor management decisions, poor research on market influences and organizational culture
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