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Elaborate a report on Valve Corporation discussing two issues from the list below:-((Organisational structure and architecture)) and ((Leadership and power )) - Essay Example

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According to Gilbert’s (2012) report, Valve Corporation, formerly known as Valve Software, one of the best known video game development companies, based in Washington, was founded by Gabe Newell and Mike Harrington in 1996 according to the company’s website. The success of…
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Elaborate a report on Valve Corporation discussing two issues from the list below:-((Organisational structure and architecture)) and ((Leadership and power ))
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Extract of sample "Elaborate a report on Valve Corporation discussing two issues from the list below:-((Organisational structure and architecture)) and ((Leadership and power ))"

Download file to see previous pages This company, with its unconventional methods of management and operations, is worthy of investigating to gain new and proven insights into the world of contemporary management. For this purpose, a report on two of the most critical management aspects, such as, organisational structure and architecture, and leadership and power at Valve Corporation will be explored as we believe that these two aspects create the foundation required for effective management and business outcomes. Valve Corporation’s management approach and its credibility was intensified every time it bagged an award or a created a milestone that its customers recognized, valued and appreciated. In order to understand Valve’s success from two critical perspectives, such as organisational structure and architecture, and leadership and power, theory and literature will be explored before concluding with key findings.
2.1. Organisational structure and architecture at Valve Corporation: Devanna et al., (1984) have clarified that strategic management requires human resources management and organisational structure to be congruent with organisational strategy (cited in Armstrong, 2003). An advanced definition of organisational structure offered by Bartol and Martin (1994; cited in Senior & Fleming, 2010, p.78) is, “the formal pattern of interactions and coordination designed by management to link the tasks of individuals and groups in achieving organisational goals.” The ‘management’ aspect in this definition implies systems, control, authority, communication, and all other elements involved in performing tasks and achieving desired objectives. In short, the concept of organisational structure and architecture’ means the way different organisational or management aspects are arranged that facilitate achievement of effective and desired outcomes. One of the earliest models of strategic HRM, which integrates ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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