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In this framework is an introduction of which structures are in enterprise architecture in key domains and the structure blocks in order to offer a total view on all applicable aspects of enterprise architecture.
Comparing diverse classifications for enterprise architecture,…
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Develop a framework to summarize the literature in enterprise architecture
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Download file to see previous pages This paper introduces three essential domains of the enterprise architecture framework. The domains are:
It is oblivious from this definition that Enterprise architecture is not just a group of the component architectures. The interrelationships amongst these architectures and their shared properties are crucial to the enterprise architecture.
According to [1], the business architecture describes the basic organization and necessities of the business based on company plan and objectives. It is made of four building blocks business model, process architecture, information architecture and organizational architecture. The business model provides a high level view on the type of the business in terms of goods and services existing in the market, the business partners, the value chain, market channel is used and the combination of property and data for producing value add.
The process architecture categorizes and describes all process of the company and their individual value adds. It is the key construction block of the company architecture. The progression architecture is classified in the key business process client relationship management, product life cycle management, supply chain management and the operation and support processes.
The application architecture offers a general idea on all applications behind the process of the business with the structure blocks applications, entry and information organization policy, statistics repositories, and EAI Services.
The infrastructure or technology architecture is made up of software, hardware and network communications essential for operations of all applications. Infrastructure building blocks are the foundation services, place of work services, storage and server system, and network.
Work place services give for presentation and work with facts and for output back up at the work place. They are composed of mobile and permanent ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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