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Simulation plan - Essay Example

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The results of the simulation indicate that there is a high chance that the buy in has a good chance of success. The simulation game was based on effectiveness, efficiency and financial soundness of the…
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Simulation plan
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Extract of sample "Simulation plan"

Due Simulation Plan Summary of the results The overall result of the simulation scored a 62% buy in. The results of the simulation indicate that there is a high chance that the buy in has a good chance of success. The simulation game was based on effectiveness, efficiency and financial soundness of the project.
Identification of the problem was done at the right time (100% effective) and done very well with an index of 80%. The result was obtained since the problem that lay in lack of departmental integration, caused by VP technology manger, Jennifer Smith.
The second decision was to brief all managers on the financial situation of the firm and its abilities at the moment. The action was taken at the right time with a 100 % level of effectiveness.
Review of the structure of the organization was done at the wrong time. Though it is the right decision, the effectiveness is 0% due to the timing problem.
Appointing a change team could have been done early as the first step. The decision is very effective, though timing was a big problem. The proximity to the right time is 50%.
Change vision and strategy was not possible since it was blocked by change agents
Stakeholder mapping was done effectively, but at the wrong time, 62% close to the right time. Stakeholder mapping was 93% effective.
Most actions moves are related to training infrastructure. The result shows that it is essential to develop training infrastructure before action, such as team pilot project, product development team, and product improvement team. In addition, majority of effective moves are based on the integration of departments, communication and vision of the organization.
Actions that that enhanced the result
The most influential actions in the simulation include identification of the problem which garnered an overall effectiveness of 100% in timing and 80% effectiveness in method. Financial and competitiveness, which was done at the most effective time, had 100% time effectiveness. Other notable actions include stakeholder mapping that had an effectiveness level of 89% and timing at 93%, team training which was done first was also highly effective at 84%.
Firing employees who resist change had 82% of good timing and 100% of effectiveness. This was the right decision. Training and mentoring new and existing team members is also good for a change and is 100% effective in timing and importance.
Tactics that restricted implementation results
Despite the positive outcomes of the game, there were steps that were problematic. Timing was the major determinant of success. The affected areas include; stakeholder mapping which should have been done before a core change team was identified, the current move is thus out of order.
Development of the vision has 18% time effective and 60% effectiveness in action. Though product improvement is timed correctly, it is out of order since training infrastructure must be developed first. This also affected team pilot project and new product development team. Restructuring the firm into teams was out of order with a -50% timing effectiveness. This is because team training should have happened first.
The overall score of the simulation game is 62%. This implies that right moves surpass the break-even point by 12%. The index can be improved by addressing the issues that pose a negative impact on the result.
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Simulation Plan Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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