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How to make it illegal for employers not to offer bike racks and showers - Essay Example

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This write-up is an analytical paper focusing on the Probike as a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) whose main purpose is supporting staff cycling. Supporting staff cycling shows commitment towards a healthy workplace which enhances the performance of organizations…
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How to make it illegal for employers not to offer bike racks and showers
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Extract of sample "How to make it illegal for employers not to offer bike racks and showers"

Download file to see previous pages This research will begin with the presentation of the current state of workplace cycling campaign. The major benefit to employers is that healthy employees take fewer sick leaves and are more productive at the workplace. The health of employees is improved because cycling is a form of physical exercise which lowers blood pressure of people, improves weight control and improves the condition of the heart and lungs. Cycling employees are also very alert and they experience lower stress levels. Employees also arrive at work on or in time because cyclists are freed from traffic jams. Staff cycling also lowers direct costs of employers. Employees also travel cheaply using shared bicycles at the workplace; hence savings are made on bus fares, taxi costs and care to hire expenses. The organization also benefits from cheaper parking costs, this is because the cost of parking one car can adequately meet parking costs for more than 10 bicycles. Encouraging cycling also reduces company car expenses because giving a bicycle and incentives make employees forego company car. Cycling also builds a greener corporate image; this is because companies encouraging staff cycling reduce effects of road congestion and associated air pollution. Employees also benefit from cycling in various ways. Staff cycling lowers the cost of employee travel; this is because the buying price of a bicycle is much less than the buying price of a car, cycling saves car parking fees, and employees incur fewer petrol bills and bus passes. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(How to Make It Illegal for Employers Not to Offer Bike Racks and Essay)
How to Make It Illegal for Employers Not to Offer Bike Racks and Essay.
“How to Make It Illegal for Employers Not to Offer Bike Racks and Essay”, n.d.
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