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Outline in a 1,500 words the characteristics of Social Media and Generation Y and the close relationship between the two with a case example - Coursework Example

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Means of communication have gone a notch higher with generation Y population being the center stage. Generation Y spends much time on-line via social media virtual communities such…
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Outline in a 1,500 words the characteristics of Social Media and Generation Y and the close relationship between the two with a case example
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Extract of sample "Outline in a 1,500 words the characteristics of Social Media and Generation Y and the close relationship between the two with a case example"

Download file to see previous pages 89). The paper will reveal the characteristics of social media and the generation Y and will advance to show the close linkage between social media and this generation based on a case example on how social media has facilitated product e-marketing and will go a notch higher to reveal the pros and cons resulting from e-marketing such as increased sales and fraudulent and scamming acts through giving a platform for the scammers and the fraudsters which are mainly the generation Y’s component.
Identity distortion is a major issue in social media as people misuse this platform and hide their identities as they try to investigate on other peoples’ ware bouts and will get every detail of the targeted people which is later used to advance their ill motives on such victims. The belief on the existence of the data shadows has made it possible for the monitoring previous transactions made by web user online which are the generated into data necessary for follow ups.
An explanation to the definition of social media can be highlighted as situation recently taking over the web presenting a more expansive exposure in respect to degree of connectivity and social networking that facilitates the continuous conveyance of information through the feedback and contribution of web users belonging to any given virtual community.
This is a generation that is also known as Millenniums or Echo Boomers which precedes generation X and preceded by generation Z. generation Y is estimated to entail the youths born between the years 1977 and 2000. It is not clear as some state that this generation should the people born between 1978 and 1989. Due to this dissenting explanation is extended to include the age bracket from 1977 to 2000 (Bondarouk & Olivas-Lujan 2013, p. 111). According to Strauss and Howe, the period between 1982 and 2004 formed the bracket of the generation Y in USA.
Social media has increased intimacy among the people as people are daily connected via the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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(Outline in a 1,500 Words the Characteristics of Social Media and Coursework)
Outline in a 1,500 Words the Characteristics of Social Media and Coursework.
“Outline in a 1,500 Words the Characteristics of Social Media and Coursework”, n.d.
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