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Generation Z - Essay Example

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Scholars study the characteristics, traits, and principles of people belonging to diverse generations. The paper's "Generation Z" aim is to analyze such profound principle manifested by people who are included in the generation Z, as social security or the need to belong…
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Generation Z
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Download file to see previous pages Concurrently, most of my peers, including me, exemplify the principle of social security through adeptness and acumen on technological gadgets and applications. It is in this particular generation that most of the technological gadgets pertaining to telecommunications abound. When computers were large, bulky and immovable during the times of generation X; personal computers, laptops, and other technology gadgets seem to be produced in portable smaller versions to be pocketed and brought anywhere and everywhere. Peers and friends are seen to exchange and share information on their latest smartphones, iPads (tablets), portable media players (iPods), Kindle, and other digital media gadgets. The members of the previous generation could be oblivious of discerning one version from the other of one particular gadget (smartphones, for instance); yet, to this generation z, recognition of the feature, specifications, and applications of all updated digital media gadgets is natural to us. Thus, possessing one or more of these technological gadgets affirm the principle of social belongingness through proving that their capabilities enable immediate access to our whereabouts, if ever and whenever, needed.
Finally, another proof that this generation longs to be part of a social group is the innate desire to become affiliated with peers of similar age groups through sharing similarities in sports activities and entertainment: music, films, and physical fitness programs, on a more global sphere. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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