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Leadership Motivation and Performance - Essay Example

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A teachers perceptual set, performance expectations, and attributes have a strong influence on the students’ motivation and their overall performance in class. The reason is that teachers always adopt such methods of teaching which they feel appropriate for their students…
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Leadership Motivation and Performance
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Extract of sample "Leadership Motivation and Performance"

Leadership Motivation and Management A teachers perceptual set, performance expectations, and attributes have a strong influence on the motivation and their overall performance in class. The reason is that teachers always adopt such methods of teaching which they feel appropriate for their students considering their learning abilities and past exam performances. Similarly, when a teacher wants an outstanding performance from the students, he/she builds their level of motivation so that they can understand all concepts with interest and use them to improve their exam performances. Teachers also encourage students to improve their class and exam performances. Encouragement acts as a positive feedback for students that makes them repeat their performances in order to meet their teacher’s expectations. Encouragement motivates students to excel in their educational careers by showing good grades.
Here, one point that is worth mentioning is that teachers should always have strong set of perceptions so that that can use their thinking abilities to design task-oriented and easy to understand learning methodologies for students. They should use their perceptual skills to identify hidden potential of students and use them to refine their learning abilities. Moreover, they should have a variety of strong attributes that can inspire their students and eventually improve their personality traits.
Teachers can definitely become more effective by becoming more aware of these processes. They can use their cognitive and perceptual sets to solve their students’ learning difficulties, as well as to formulate new learning strategies for them. Similarly, they can use their level of performance expectations to change their teaching strategies accordingly and bring the desired improvement in their students’ performances. Moreover, they can also use their personal attributes, such as, creative and innovative thinking, openness, commitment, integrity, visionary outlook, and dedication to improve their teaching style and eventually bring improvement in students’ class and exam performances. “Teachers must be the perfect role models of honesty and integrity” (Slick, 2011). Students go to schools for learning and personality development. They not only learn things from their syllabus but also from their teachers who are their actual mentors. When teachers will have a strong and influencing personality, students will definitely like that and will try to adopt as much personality traits of their teachers as they can. Therefore, perceptual set, performance expectations, and attributes are three such factors that play a significant role in improving students’ motivation level and their class and exam performances.
These factors also hold the same importance for leaders as they also have large groups of followers who look to them for guidance. When leaders will have strong personalities, their followers will admire them and will like to follow their advices and directions. Similarly, when leaders will have a strong sense of perception, they will be able to use it identify the needs and demands of their followers which will eventually help them in designing effective strategies to address those needs. Therefore, it is true that leaders also need to have a strong perceptual set and personality attributes to get the maximum from their followers. Moreover, they also need to improve their followers’ level of motivation in order to get their demands fulfilled.
Slick, S. (2011). How to Be a Role Model as a Teacher. Retrieved from Read More
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(Leadership Motivation and Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words)
Leadership Motivation and Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
“Leadership Motivation and Performance Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words”, n.d.
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