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College Management System Case of Ark Royal College - Essay Example

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The aim "College Management System Case of Ark Royal College" of this paper is to bring into light the need for a new college management system in your college after shedding light into the current issues that the college is having which the system will seek to solve…
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College Management System Case of Ark Royal College
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Extract of sample "College Management System Case of Ark Royal College"

Download file to see previous pages The management of an institute has a very clear and direct impact on the performance of that institute. Therefore, there is need for a system that will help improve the efficiency and also the other undertakings of a college environment. With the use of properly designed software, the management should be in a position to access all the necessary departmental information and also manage the flow of information in the college.
With the current method and manual systems in place, data and information redundancy is the order of the day. This has a cost repercussion on the institute. We will discuss the details of the proposed system compared to the current issues that the institute is going through.
Today as we refer this age to be a technology dispensation, there is clear need for every institution or organization to have a system for it to survive (Demir, 2003). Because of the priority accorded information technologies in the modern society, information technology has acquired a high priority state in the education sector and much emphasis is being put on this.
The computerization of the college management is the basic subject of a contemporary college setup. Principals might already have started to make use of the systems in the day to day management of the colleges and the gradually increasing staff duties (May, 2003). From a general perspective, the use of a management system is to increase the efficiency of the management in processing information and decision making. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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