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This paper under the title "Human Resources - Developing Personal and Professional Competencies" focuses on the fact that a situation that occurred recently made it difficult to establish a common ground, some sort of negotiation, with a personal acquaintance. …
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Human Resources - Developing Personal and Professional Competencies
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Download file to see previous pages My argument is that my presence within this environment would not be satisfactory to the group based on logical arguments regarding lifestyle values and lack of commonality. The aggressor, my acquaintance, argued incessantly in favour of this particular group activity and felt that I had much to contribute as a group member.
In this particular case, I decided to avoid the function altogether, realising that my attitude about the concept was valid. However, as I began to reassess the situation, I realised that I was taking action against an uncertain situation based on my own locus of control. This concept identifies that people either believe they have control over their own fates or these things are influenced or determined by externalities (Treven & Potocan 2005). I was finding considerable stress regarding this particular function and manifested this stress based on my view of the ability of the external world to influence events.
The first thing that I gauged was the level of emotional intelligence that I carried, in terms of understanding and regulating my own behaviours and reconsidering how my attitude influences others. In this situation, though I did not realise it at the time, the aggressor was attempting to negotiate a compromise and it made me consider that I was being considered a behavioural model by which to mould his own behaviours. My locus of control was distorted, mildly out of whack for a better term, making me realise that defensive posturing when faced with difficult situations, is not effective in certain situations.
This learning can easily be put into HR practices, as it deals with the fundamentals of human behaviour. This is something that any quality human resources practitioner must be able to provide. There is what is referred to as a soft HRM theory that focuses on human factors in human resources dealing with motivation and leading others in order to reach strategic goals (Price 2007). An appropriate locus of control assessment survey, as part of the recruitment or change model within the organisation, would determine the level to which each employee gauges themselves against the external world.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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