LSEP(legal, social, ethical and professional) issues associated with the introduction or increased use of cloud computing services - Essay Example

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Its target market consists of youth between 18 and 34 years and the firm mostly sells casual, but stylish female outfits. Magneta has…
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LSEP(legal, social, ethical and professional) issues associated with the introduction or increased use of cloud computing services
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Extract of sample "LSEP(legal, social, ethical and professional) issues associated with the introduction or increased use of cloud computing services"

Download file to see previous pages Systems in the company are predominantly legacy-based and operate in silos. Each of the legacy systems is responsible for various parts of the business’s operations. Some of them take care of the inventory, while others focus on shipping. Alternatively, other systems handle terminals while, others work on sales data. A lot of this data is not transformed into useful information, and most times, employees feel overwhelmed by the speed, volume and even variability of the data as it is always changing. The company feels that it currently has too many servers in each of its stores, as most of them are not run in remote server farms.
Cloud computing is only used for periphery services at this fashion retailer because employees have a relatively good understanding of browser-based software, but the infrastructure required to make the transition has not been installed. Sometimes, employees will use Dropbox to manage and send files, but this is often not powered by the organisation.
The company also thinks of cloud computing as a means of storing its information rather than an opportunity to expand its possibilities. Whenever there is a power blackout or some form of data disaster, the company is assured of accessing its data safely through any internet connection. This acts as a form of disaster relief for the company as it makes it immune from physical attacks on its information (Balagopalan, 2010).
There are a number of reasons and limitations that have presented Magneta from fully utilising cloud computing to manage its information. First, the company is concerned about the issue of security and compliance with information security standards. The retailer has a lot of sensitive information including client credit card information or their payment history. If a cloud provider does not comply with the same standards as the retailer, then it is difficult to secure transactions.
Magneta is afraid of putting all their trust in an application that they have minimal ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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