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Comparing Lean and Agile Strategies - Essay Example

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The writer of the essay "Comparing Lean and Agile Strategies" suggests that several lean-agile strategies and techniques and a producing institution to execute best producing practices. The institution must select the suitable lean-agile methods that are ideal for personal production requirements…
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Comparing Lean and Agile Strategies
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Extract of sample "Comparing Lean and Agile Strategies"

Download file to see previous pages Kanban is a Japanese expression that stands for ‘card’ or ‘visible’. It was initially established by Taiichi Onho to manage manufacturing processes and execute JIT producing at Toyota production firms in Japan. Kanban is an indication card that contains data concerning amounts of the item to be manufactured, the source of the item, and destination of the item.
Execution of Kanban introduces a pull atmosphere in the institution. Applying Kanban, operators manufacture items according to the used items information other than the projected information ( Less, Abrahamsson & Oza 2010, Pg. 49). The Kanban strategy is devised to ease material handling and stock control. Instead of piling the materials released to the manufacturing close to the line in huge amounts, smaller amounts of materials are physically available at the point of consumption on the line and restocked simply when a Kanban or indication is produced. From the advantages of Kanban, it is evident that presentation metrics of PD like cost, release time, and suppleness may be enhanced. For example, because of enhanced flow and developed reaction to shift in demand, there shall be enhanced in delivery time and suppleness.
Through executing Kanban, there shall be low stock, through which the stock storing charge will be lowered, therefore as well lowering institutional cost. Main policies of Kanban application include:
- Simply manufacture items to replace the items used by the consumer ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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