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Porters generic strategies - Essay Example

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In the paper “Porter’s generic strategies” the author analyzes the company’s target, which is to expand the market share to compensate for the compromised costs while maximizing profits. Easy jet airline of the United Kingdom and Ryan air of Ireland utilize this strategy…
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Porters generic strategies
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Extract of sample "Porters generic strategies"

Download file to see previous pages “Total quality management operates under the principles of continuous improvement of quality as opposed to maintenance of a static level” (Gattorna, 1998). It aims at approaching quality at an increasing scale. This is possible through training and motivation of employees so as to better quality. It is therefore paramount for the top management to state their commitment open to all employees. The advantage of the mode is that it has the ability to immediately detect and correct quality problems. It doesn’t rectify problems after occurrence. “Just in Time” is a philosophy in management that seeks to eliminate manufacturing wastes by producing right quantity at the right time and at the right place. Its main goal is to do away with non-value adding operations during production. Lean production or stockless production is a philosophy that aims at reducing inventory levels to an absolute minimum.
Looking closely at the three aspects, Just in Time increases production, performance and quality in manufacturing industry. Lean, controls stock levels to avoid unnecessary production while Total Quality Management works towards good quality of products. The three aspects support each other in a manufacturing environment. “Toyota manufacturing industry adopted this principle which saw a reduction in manufacturing defects and parts storage problem” Management in transnational organisations is a challenging task especially in decisions making pertaining to supply chain. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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