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Team process feedback - Essay Example

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At various points in the process of completing a team task, the members may benefit by examining its policies and practices, in relation to both social (maintenance) and task (technical) aspects. This examination may be accomplished via team discussion, external audit,…
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Team process feedback
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At various points in the process of completing a team task, the members may benefit by examining its policies and practices, in relation to both social (maintenance) and task (technical) aspects. This examination may be accomplished via team discussion, external audit, comparison to standards, or other methods. Use the questions below to guide an evaluation of your efforts to date, give feedback to the team membership, and further develop a plan for executing your team task. I want ~1pages business style format (not question-answer).
1. Team Profile / Identity
What are the capabilities and limitations of our team, and its members, in relation to the team task?
Are we well-positioned to succeed? Do we need to access outside resources, or develop specific skills?
The week has been a busy one for all the group members which made it impossible to meet and prepare for the upcoming presentation. Having received our results, it was unanimously agreed that we would have posted a better performance had we keenly followed the rubric. We should have elaborated more on what was cast on the presentation slides. Furthermore, had we met physically as a whole group, it would have boosted our cohesion and thus the overall performance. Despite the busy schedules that each of us run on, we scored grade B+. Even though we were aiming higher than that, this was still commendable.
Our group has remained steadfast with no major challenges. Tasks assigned to each member are executed as planned and in a timely manner with emails and texts providing an effective and timely means of communication. The group has further portrayed willingness to work and high levels of professionalism. Nonetheless, failure to practice before presentations could have cost us the lower than expected performance. I suppose that practicing prior to class presentation would have improved our performance. Weekly meetings would be useful to us as they would provide an opportunity to evaluate the assignments for the following class, assign each member a task and discuss our progress. This could be a brief meeting that would just seek to ensure that everyone is aware of how and what to do before breaking up for everyone to concentrate on their tasks. This could have made us not to forget to introduce the team members during the presentation which is one thing that I believe negatively affected our performance. Had we focused on the rubric, then such mistakes would not have occurred. We now appreciate that the rubric is a critical guide for professors in grading performance and therefore the need to follow it to the latter.
Whereas group projects usually have numerous challenges, this group has proved the opposite right as we have not had issues with members not doing what they are assigned to do. Deadlines would have to be adhered to and I appreciate that this has so far been observed, together with the commendable organization. We therefore look forward to success.
Indeed, we have needed to use outside resources to develop particular skills. Other than texts and emails, the WhatsApp application helps us communicate and schedule meetings, including when to practice. We also have a Google Doc named, “Management 353” that is accessible to everyone. Skills on technological applications have thus been critical for members to understand by engaging people who have an understanding of such fields.
I have not had good experiences with group projects because of the difficulty in coordination. However, this one has been a successful one. After division of work, each person works on their part before submission and compilation then submission to the professor. I would suggest that we meet for practice before presentations. Regular meetings would allow us not to forget critical points during the presentation. Thus, using the WhatsApp application, we would agree among ourselves which day of the week and how frequently to meet. Read More
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Team Process Feedback Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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