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W5 BPO GROUP PPP OM - Essay Example

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Together, the two methods make it possible for the organizations to achieve both effectiveness and efficiency in their organizational processing. Even…
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Extract of sample "W5 BPO GROUP PPP OM"

W5 BPO GROUP PPP OM The six sigma and lean method remain two commonly used in the production unit of most organizations including in healthcare. Together, the two methods make it possible for the organizations to achieve both effectiveness and efficiency in their organizational processing. Even though these two methods may aim for the same goal, which is quality, their approach to usage are different. It is due to the differences in approach of use that make the use of these two methods appropriate at any point in time in the management of organizational production. The case of BPO is thus no different when it comes to employing the use of these methods in dealing with the case points aligned. Below is how the two tools can be applied to the case points.
On the case of time spent by the CSRs on the phone for calls that they handled versus calls that they sent to the BAs, this can be classified as one of the seven wastes under the lean production (Abdullah, 2004). Specifically waste for waiting. Instead of spending that much time on calls to and from the BAs, alternatives that focus on reducing the waiting on phone for response can be used. For example text messages and emails could be used, which will require less time in waiting for response to be given. Since emails and text messages are less interactive between communicating parties, it could save much time and guarantee efficiency at work.
On the case point of CSRs giving priority to new incoming calls over callbacks, this can be said to be misplaced priority that undermines the process capabilities of the workplace. Once there is such undermining of process capabilities also, effectiveness becomes affected (Meredith and Shafer, 2014). Clearly, new calls come with much enquiry which require a lot of attention, explanations and feedback. Callbacks on the other hand have solutions to problems. As recommended earlier, there can be other forum for new inquiries, for example through the use of emails and text messages so that after finding appropriate responses, those who made the enquiries can be contacted by the CSRs.
On the third case point about BAs giving priority to Database Update sub-process over researching calls escalated by the CSRs, it is important to note that such limited priority to calls escalated by the CSRs can bring about deviation from targets, which is against the principle of the six sigma (Labovitz and Rosansky, 2007). It is said that this situation would lead to deviation from targets because once there is escalation of calls from the CSRs, the time to be used in attending to them would certainly be time taken away from other dues that should ensure quality of service. Using six sigma, the organization can aim to manage such process variations that cause defect in lay out plans.
There is the last point that has to do with tasks associated with Database Update sub-process, which was considered to be more complex. In such state of complexity, the lean method could be employed to base on the operation principle of flow to defer such complex activities by aligning them to the right human resource. This way, instances of work defect arising from the use of unskilled personnel and resulting in rework would be avoided (Martinez, 2011).
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W5 BPO GROUP PPP OM Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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