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This essay discusses that at PPP, students create the paths to their own learning, so it is customized to their needs, abilities, and interests. PPP faculty and staff understand that students have a multitude of concerns in their schooling and have anticipated their need to be heard…
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What Makes PPP Different
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Be a Champion… Stand out!
Be part of PPP, the newest and most progressive university that upholds an innovative educational approach which centers on the learner. At PPP, students create the paths to their own learning, so it is customized to their needs, abilities and interests. PPP faculty and staff understand that students have a multitude of concerns in their schooling and have anticipated their need to be heard and acknowledged. PPP values student input and feedback and assures the studentry that these shall be considered and approved if justified.
PPP incorporates the latest technology in the implementation of its educational approach. This includes all-time internet connectivity to help students access the E library, smart board, Online courseware ( Blackboard ) – Student’s work samples ( LINK ), Dyned – labs, Online Campus TV Streaming and Banner System. Students may also register for courses and request for advising from their esteemed mentors online in the privacy of their homes.
PPP offers state of the art facilities and services that students may freely avail of. This is to ensure that students are ready for globalization and to groom them for prospective employment right after university studies. One essential factor is the use of English, the international language, as the main medium of instruction. Aside from this, student competencies are honed in PPP’s clubs and activities. These competencies, namely: Communication, Teamwork, Critical Thinking / Problem solving, Technology, Professional and Leadership Skills are the core skills PPP intends to develop and master in all the students.
PPP is the university students’ partner in plotting their career paths. Even as students, they are already trained in the hiring process of companies, so they are knowledgeable in crafting impressive resumes and answering tricky interview questions. They are assessed of the skills they gain using the Learning Outcomes Assessments that track their performance progress all throughout their university career. Their performance profile shall be used to build upon their portfolio as tangible evidence of their achievements in university. This E-portfolio will be accessible online for future employers and for the students’ professional use. What is impressive about it is that not only do they present a degree but also evidence of their working experiences.
Personal services such as financial aid for deserving students as well as health and counseling services are available at PPP. This is to ensure that all students are at their best states all of the time to perform at their optimal level. Not only does PPP provide excellent services, but it also expects nothing less than excellence from their students.
For its initial offering of degree courses, the following are available, with more to follow in the near future:
College of Engineering
- Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering
- Bachelor of Science in Mechanical Engineering
- Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering
- Bachelor of Science in Interior Design
College of Information Technology:
- Bachelor of Science in information Technology
- Bachelor of Science in Computer Science
- Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering
College of Business Administration
-Bachelor of Science in Accounting
- Bachelor of Science in Business Administration
- Bachelor of Science in Finance
-Bachelor of Science in Management Information System
- Executive Master in Business Administration ( Master Degree of EMBA )
Aside from the quality it represents, the credibility of PPP also rests on the people behind it who designed the Academic program and Administrative system. TIEC, a role model in educational systems, has assembled only the top experts from 32 American universities to come up with the excellent university that PPP is.
At PPP, excellence is our promise as we produce future experts in various fields. It is our legacy to the globalized world. Read More
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What Makes PPP Different Article Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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