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Knowledge Management / Expert Systems - Case Study Example

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Expert systems are knowledge-based computer programs that contain expert domain knowledge with respect to objects, events, situations as well as courses of action, and use the same to emulate human process experts in specific domains. As a matter of fact, these systems perform…
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Knowledge Management / Expert Systems
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Download file to see previous pages this, there are many other expert systems used in other fields such as financial forecasting, delivery vehicle scheduling, chemical compound structure analysis, and sequential planning of action courses. However, it should be noted that not all expert system can replace human roles as they have some limitations. However, to a large extent, they can perform a good chunk what human experts can do.
Expert systems can be grouped in different categories depending on their functionality. These include interpretation systems, which include systems such as surveillance intelligence, speech comprehension, and image analysis, among others; prediction systems, which are systems that infer liable consequences based on provided situations, for instance, economic and weather forecasting, demographic predictions, and crop estimation, among others; diagnostic systems used in analysis of organizations’ performance and failure diagnosis in medical field; design systems which helps to develop designs such as circuit layouts and building designs; planning systems which assist in automated project management planning, routing, communication, as well as military operations; instruction systems also known as educational and training systems; and model based systems which are operated on basis of human expert knowledge and presented as rule sets (Chadvick et al., 1990).
This paper focuses on design of an expert system based on human expert knowledge. In this case, a holiday consultant’s expert knowledge is used as the basis of the system. Today, the world is more intertwined than ever before. More and more people wish to visit different locations globally and enjoy some holiday away from home. However, many are times when people face a quagmire when it comes to selection of the appropriate holiday destination. It is never easy to choose an appropriate holiday destination and more often than not, a number of people end up spending their savings on holiday trips they never get to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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