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They are helpful in decision making. The use of expert systems is increasing in almost every business and industry. This paper outlines the utilization of expert system in…
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Case study on Expert Systems
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Running head: Expert systems Expert Systems Affiliation October 2009 Expert system is an element of Artificial Intelligence which encompass the knowledge or expertise of human. They are helpful in decision making. The use of expert systems is increasing in almost every business and industry. This paper outlines the utilization of expert system in the real world operations and industry. In this paper I will outline two most significant examples those will demonstrate the effectiveness of expert system in the real life operations.
The understanding of experts systems is necessary before continuing discussion on industries which have implemented experts systems. “An expert system is an information system that holds and stores the expertise of human experts and then reproduces human reasoning and decision making” (Shelly, Cashman, & Vermaat, 2005, p. 729). According to (Laudon & Laudon, 1999, p. 446), an expert system can be defined as knowledge exhaustive computer program that captures the skills or expertise of human in limited fields of knowledge. An expert system can help decision making by creating related questions and describing the causes for taking definite action (Laudon & Laudon, 1999).
1. Expert System Implementation in manufacturing
This first example encompasses the implementation of expert system in the manufacturing industry. In this regard Lee (2009) presented a detailed overview of a new type of system development and implimentataion at US defense department. The new technology based expert system will be helpful in development of the new generation of weapons systems. This expert system is aimed to effectively manufacture the intended products through giving the advanced materials and current manufacturing techniques. This system is acknowledged as the Intelligent Processing of Materials (IPM) program (Lee, 2009). The implementation of the IPM is aimed to diminish the manufacturing expenditure by using expert systems as well as intelligent control over the major development areas. The main aim of this system is to be functional and efficient in greater stresses, higher temperatures, and harsher environments, for the reason that new material involves all these factors in the overall production and development. According to development teams, IPM program will minimize the overall development time and make intelligent decision. This expert system will make use of analysis as well as synthesis tools to shape models of the material processes. During all these processes the expert system will also control the in-situ sensors to monitor real states of processes. This expert system will be a compensation of the sensors, sensitive gauges, a huge knowledge base of manufacturing, a simple but detailed user interface and sophisticated processing engine (Lee, 2009). So this case shows the importance of expert system in defense department.
2. Expert System Implementation in Agricultural
Now I will talk about an exert system that has been implemented for the enhancement and development of agriculture sector. US MANAGE or National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management has developed an intelligent expert system that is aimed to diagnose diseases and pests. The development of this expert system was mainly aimed to diagnose the diseases in rice crop and pests those attack on this crop. This system also suggests some effective and better curative/ preventive measures (Zaiyadi, 2005). Implementation of such expert system is really effective for the agriculture enhancement and better food production. In the scenario of implementation of this expert system for the crops diagnosis the rice crop doctor are utilizing the expert-systems mostly in the regions of agriculture as well as additionally in the regions of rice production in the course of effective average production. This expert system has ability to detect and recognize the main types of pest, disease, and some deficiency problems those are limiting rice crop yield each year (Zaiyadi, 2005).
Through the implementation of this expert system the average yield of crop has increased and farmers are taking a huge benefit from this new technology based system. The main characteristic of this expert system is that, it detects the pests and crop diseases and also suggests some effective diagnosis technique regarding the reduction of this disease. In this way the farmers and crop experts have a greater efficiency regarding the yearly average production (Zaiyadi, 2005).
Developing expert systems for the betterment of society can be the best use computers. In this paper I discussed the implementation of expert system in two different industries. Both the cases outline the benefits of expert system implementation. In second case, I have assessed that the expert system for the agriculture is really effective for the enhancement of the average yearly yield and it offers great advantages regarding the effective diagnosis of crop disease and their treatments. With the increase in population the demand for the food is also increasing, so the implementation of expert system in agriculture will be beneficial.

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