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Medication errors account for a number of adverse reactions and fatalities which mar the generally accepted traits associated with the medical profession and shatter the inherent trust patients have for the experts attending to their ailment. Error-free practice is constantly…
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Childrens Case Analysis
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Download file to see previous pages That is, systems that rely on perfect performance by individuals to prevent errors are doomed to fail. Healthcare persons typically react to a specific accident by focusing on the error rather than attempting to understand the systematic cause and designing interventions that minimize if not altogether eliminate the occurrence of such errors. Medication errors are the most common preventable cause of adverse events. Early detection and constant reporting of such errors is crucial, particularly in hospitals, where systems for detecting adverse drug reactions and medication errors can save lives, money, and legal problems. A well kept log for such errors enables the experts to design strategies for their prevention, which is usually the better option, rather than a post scenario cure. Administrative, organizational, educative reforms as well as software controlled electronic systems can be designed after the evaluation of logs of such errors, which can prevent their occurrence in future. The medical literature today is rich enough and easily accessible for a medical professional in any capacity, to update their knowledge and look for preventive solutions in case of any doubt while administering their art. A proper coordination of medical staff and availability of ready consultation at the time of need can go a long way in preventing medical errors and accidents.
The incident of an overdose of morphine in case of a ten-year old boy named Matthew at Children’s Hospital in Minneapolis illustrates a system error, which could have resulted in fatal consequences if it had not been addressed and handled in a practical manner reflecting evidence-based practice. The case described a pediatric patient of stable condition who has been transferred from the intensive care unit to the medical/surgical unit with an order for a continuous morphine drip. Upon set-up of the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Children'S Case Analysis Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 2500 Words.
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