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Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace - Literature review Example

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The literature review "Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace" states that a multicultural workforce is considered as very difficult to manage by leaders. Leaders in this regard have to adopt diversity training to bridge the gap that is there between the diverse cultures of the workforce…
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Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace
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Extract of sample "Motivation and Productivity in the Workplace"

Download file to see previous pages The author highlights that the multicultural workforce tends to have diverse ideas and opinions which are considered as both harmful as well as beneficial. There are numerous organizations in UAE that face such problems and leaders have to be quite innovative to deal with such problems. Consumers may also feel dissatisfied if employees of an organization cannot communicate efficiently with them. The leaders of organizations in the UAE face a significant challenge in this regard to maximize the opportunities that are available and to minimize costs.
Organizational Behaviour is concerned about those processes which deal with how individuals, groups, and people cope among themselves in organizational structures. In this regard, organizational behaviour follows an approach which can be termed as systematic. It interprets the relationship between people and organizations in terms of the whole organization, the whole group, the whole social system, and the whole person (Lambert, 2002). It strives to achieve a better relationship between people by achieving objectives such as social, organizational, and human. Organizational behaviour comprises numerous topics such as leadership, change, teams, and human behaviour. It must be noted in this regard that the base of an organization depends on its management’s values, philosophy, goals, and vision. These factors play an important role in driving the culture of an organization which consists of informal organization, formal organization, and social environment. The culture of an organization plays an important part in determining the type of communication, group dynamics, and leadership within an organization.
A multicultural workforce in an organization comprises people who are from different cultural backgrounds and as such, they are considered to have different ways of approaching a problem. Leadership is considered as the ability to influence members of an organization toward the achievement of an organizational vision or set of organizational goals.  ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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