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How I lead - Essay Example

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These skills, however, come with experience; a person develops them with time in different life situations. Currently I assess my management skills as fair (2) because I still need practice…
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How I lead
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Extract of sample "How I lead"

Personal Assessment Personal Assessment Management skills are extremely important for each person who wants to succeed inlife. These skills, however, come with experience; a person develops them with time in different life situations. Currently I assess my management skills as fair (2) because I still need practice to be more confident in own ability to lead. Having no work experience as a manager, I practice my skills in other spheres of life, which are the same critical for future managers and leaders.
Relationships with my family and friends are the greatest source of experience I have. I always prefer the leading role in any groups because it gives me authority to organize people. In any complicated situation, I believe that directed actions and insightful discussion of the issue can lead to productive solution acceptable by all group members. If any conflict takes place in my family, I motivate others to share their opinions about solutions in order to develop a shared vision of the problem. Such strategy makes people collaborate and the problem disappears quickly. In this way, I develop my communication, team building and delegating skills. For instance, my father could not come to the common ground with my uncle and it caused many inconveniences for other family members. I had neutral relationships with my uncle, so I was able to communicate with him in friendly terms. I explained that even though my father seemed to be angry, he was not intended to do anything bad to my uncle. That talk with my uncle was productive because he changed his position and attitude towards my father. In this way, I took a decisive part in the solution of this conflict because I was the only person who managed to make my relatives listed to each other and compromise. I applied delegating skills to reach my main objective and resolve the conflict between the relatives.
I apply the same strategy of a “peacemaker” in communication with my friends. In any critical situation I prefer to slow down everyone and discuss the emerging problem. I am a people-oriented leader; I stress the importance of relationships and friendly atmosphere most of all. In team work good and respectful relationships predetermine success. I have noticed that such personal qualities as selfishness or stubbornness lead to decreased effectives in anything people do together. If people do not wish to communicate or compromise, they usually fail to do anything together. In this respect, I am convinced that communication must be treated as the main factor in leading.
Verbal communication is regarded as a top important management skill by Whetten & Cameron (2011). Listening is also included in this broad term. My personal experiences prove that if people want to share ideas and listen to each other, they can work effectively together. In other situations their performance is useless because they fail to give their actions common direction. In any group, effective leader is a person who can persuade and motivate other people to respect each other and cooperate.
Even though I have no work experience, I have already focused on developing essential management skills. Everyday communication with my friends and family allows me to learn from experience and become more confident acting as a leader. I can achieve better practical results with improved theoretical background about essential management skills.
Whetten, D.A. & Cameron, K.S.(2011). Developing management skills, 8th ed. Prentice Hall, 2011. Read More
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How I Lead Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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