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Personal assessment for management skills - Essay Example

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Based on the criteria of this assessment my managerial skills as compared to that of my colleagues are effective in many aspects. The criteria with which I rated myself have shown that my skills of developing self awareness, solving problems of the employees creatively,…
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Personal assessment for management skills
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Extract of sample "Personal assessment for management skills"

PERSONAL ASSESSMENT OF MANAGEMENT SKILLS Based on the criteria of this assessment my managerial skills as compared to that of my colleagues are effective in many aspects. The criteria with which I rated myself have shown that my skills of developing self awareness, solving problems of the employees creatively, motivating the employees towards their jobs, building effective teams and leading the employees towards positive change prove that my managing skills in these areas are significantly higher. I was ranked in the top quartile which requires a score of more than 422 or above to be achieved. Falling in this quartile range did not surprise me. This is because I am well aware of the leadership skills which I possess and I plan to enhance my capabilities and motivate the staff working for me.
2. The key areas in which I scored the highest were motivating others and building teams to promote team work. These areas are my strengths, and I will acquire significant success in the hearts of my subordinates if I work harder to enhance these skills in a more significant manner. The areas where I have scored less, and I need to grow are creative problem solving and gaining power and influences over the employees are the areas which require work.
3. My scores of assessment and the assessment of my colleagues regarding my performance as a manager were nearly in line. There were a few minor contradictions, but most of the skills I was assessed for by my colleagues were rated on a higher scale. This has motivated to improve my performance in the areas for which I gave myself a lower score. I rated rational problem solving on a lower scale comparatively, but my colleagues have given me a higher score for that too. In other areas, I have been given a higher score by my colleagues where I rated myself comparatively lower.
4. The assessments of my colleagues have contradicted in the area of rational problem solving. I have rated this segment as weak in my assessment, but my colleagues have rated me on a higher scale. In all other areas, the assessment which I have made, and my colleagues have made are nearly the same. These scores show that my own assessment and the assessment of my colleagues are accurate and in line with my actual skills. This will help me further improve myself, and it will help me enhance my skills for my future performance.
5. This exercise was immensely useful for me. It helped me in analyzing my skills and gave me the view point of what others think about my efforts. The score which I gave myself was lesser as compared to what my colleagues gave me. This was a motivating factor for me that my colleagues also view me as an effective manager. I have developed an understanding that my skills towards motivating the employees and building effective teams to promote teamwork are my strength which have polished my managerial skills and have made me an effective manager. Read More
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