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Critically reflect on the nature of management practice and the role theory plays, if at all, on management practice - Essay Example

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The elements of the organization have the potential to be ranked on a number of different parameters. Warren McCulloch introduced the concept of the heterarchy…
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Critically reflect on the nature of management practice and the role theory plays, if at all, on management practice
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Extract of sample "Critically reflect on the nature of management practice and the role theory plays, if at all, on management practice"

Download file to see previous pages An organization is a very intrinsic system, and to make the system to remain sustain a considerable amount of flexibility is required (Dawson, 2009, p.13). This kind of organizational flexibility is given by the heterarchy organizational structure where the flow of information is not constrained. On the other hand a hierarchical organizational structure is one where every organizational entity excluding one is the subordinate of the other entity. It is not a flattened structure and has a centralized power of control. In this kind of structure the power is on the top level and it diminishes at the subsequent levels (Allee, 2002, pp.78-79). The hierarchical organizational structure is seen almost in every big company where there exist different levels of power of authority and management. But in today’s scenario of adaptation to more of flexible structures heterarchy organizational structure is the best mode for system formulation. Though it has not been seen as a very regular measure in many organizations but those corporations who has such a flattened structure is more flexible and provides better scope for development. Thus according to me both the structures has its pros and cons but heterarchy organizational structure is the best structure to be adapted. Heterachy organizational structure is a lateral coordination of organizational diversity. It has been characterized as a distributed intelligence that is negotiable at multiple evaluative criteria.
From the past two centuries hierarchical organizational structure has been the dominant model. In the early 19th century the traditional approach in the organizational system was more prominent. The bureaucratic traditional approach emphasized more on the rational control. This control was exercised through formalized communication in order to avoid misuse of power. Scientific management gained more efficiency in ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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