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Fire work - Case Study Example

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Business 3: As the institution that trains the workers, it shall not be easy to train all the workers easily since some of them may not be open to change or may not welcome new technology in the company.
Business 4: As the safety regulatory institution, it shall not be a…
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Fire work
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Extract of sample "Fire work"

The Chinese Fireworks Industry Case The SWOT analysis of his business proposal is as follows: Strengths (S Thebrand has been in existence for quite a long time – as such, its name is well known among the locals.
2. There is a customer base in place – this can be realized by the income revenue that the company gets.
3. There is an already existing distribution chain of the product.
4. Labour is cheap.
5. Low investments shall be needed.
Weaknesses (W)
1. The lack of research and development investments.
2. The lack of high technology equipment to create fireworks which are safer and better than those of the competitors.
3. Uncertainty –whether the raw materials being used are of high quality or not.
4. The workers lack training on the latest fireworks equipment – therefore, they shall have to be enrolled to research and training.
Opportunities (O)
1. Venturing into neighbouring and new markets.
2. Alliances with other fireworks and firecrackers companies in the event that the local market has challenges in penetration.
3. New designs of the fireworks and fire crackers could be made to beat competition and increase sales.
4. Internet can be used to scale sales.
Threats (T)
1. Environmental pollution laws – that is noise pollution and raw material pollution.
2. Safety regulations – this related to fireworks and firecrackers numbers of accidents.
3. New market entrants – who may be cheaper.
4. New competitive products from the other fireworks and fire crackers companies.
5. Threat of substitute products into the market.
Some ways in which you could be in business and involved somehow with Chinese Fireworks Company
1. Be the supplier of raw materials for the Chinese fireworks company.
2. Be the body that supplies fireworks and fire crackers equipment to the company.
3. Be the institution that trains the workers in the fireworks and fire crackers company.
4. Be the institution that performs the safety regulatory procedures for the company as well as their products.
How hard or easy will it probably be to make profits in each of the mentioned businesses above?
Business 1: As a raw material supplier, it shall be easy to supply raw materials to the company according to their standards and make profits out of it.
Business 2: As an equipment supplier, it shall also be easy to deliver equipment as ordered by the company – profits shall not be a problem.
Business 3: As the institution that trains the workers, it shall not be easy to train all the workers easily since some of them may not be open to change or may not welcome new technology in the company.
Business 4: As the safety regulatory institution, it shall not be a challenge to conduct business with the company since the safety certifications are what the company needs to conduct business locally and globally.
What are the key skills or resources a business would need to have in order to be successful at each of the businesses listed above?
Business 1: Marketing skills; selling skills – making people realize that what you have is what they need; communication skills – talking with people; persuasion skills; negotiation skills.
Business 2: Marketing skills; selling skills; communication skills; persuasion skills; negotiation skills.
Business 3: Business management – getting people to do things without forcing it on them; communication skills; project management skills – getting to perform the worker trainings in the stated duration; meeting management skills; stress management skills; time management skills; leadership skills.
Business 4: Communications skills; interpersonal skills; leadership skills.
Works cited
Hill, Charles, and Jones, Gareth. Essentials of Strategic Management. USA: Cengage Learning, 2011. Print. Read More
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Fire Work Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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