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Oberation objectives at the Penang mutiars - Case Study Example

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Penang Mutiara, one of the most prominent and luxurious hotels in the area of South-East Asia, is located in the lush greenery of the Indian Asian coast of Malaysia. It is owned by Malaysia’s pernas-UOE and managed by Mandarin global Hotels in Singapore. The hotel provides to…
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Oberation objectives at the Penang mutiars
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Extract of sample "Oberation objectives at the Penang mutiars"

Download file to see previous pages to cater to all requests of the customers and at the same time maintain its promise of quality service to the visitors by being flexible according to the demand of the situation. Penang Mutiara never compromises the quality of its service in order to cut back costs. Thus, it becomes clear that the operations management of this hotel is highly appropriate for its strategy.
Operation strategy means the “total pattern of decisions and actions” that sets the activities, objectives and roles of the operation in order that they facilitate as well as provide support to the business strategy of the firm (Nieuwenhuizen 124). Making good ideas, creating products and giving services are among the primary focus of every business, as well as that of each manager, especially the operations managers. Operations management is the function of business that involves “making products and providing services” (Nieuwenhuizen 114). There are mainly three functions of operation management that are relevant for the success of strategy adopted by Penang Mutiara. They are business implementation strategy, supporter of business strategy and Driver strategy. Business implementation relates with the functioning and implementation of a plan. It is the actions that have to be taken following any initial plans in order for something to really happen. The second function of the operation management is supporter of business strategy and this helps to attain strategic achievement for the hotel. The supporter of the business strategy helps to attain the goals of a business, and besides the administrator, the staff also utilizes this strategy. Driver strategy is another important role of operation management function and it can assist to attain strategic achievement for Penang Mutiara Hotel. This role is defined as the major factor that helps in deciding the failure or success of an industry’s strategy. Managing a hotel of this size is an immensely complicated task, especially so ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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