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Motivation and Performance in Washburn Guitars - Case Study Example

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This paper analyzes the workplace motivation in the Washburn Guitar Company. The study confirms that the company has hit the news because of its excellent performance and this was highly linked with the company’s efforts to motivate its work to improve their productivity…
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Motivation and Performance in Washburn Guitars
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Extract of sample "Motivation and Performance in Washburn Guitars"

Motivation at Washburn Guitars
Work motivation is a force that comes from an individual’s within and from the surrounding environment, which instills determination to do work in a positive direction. Sometimes employers use motivation as a tool to learn the behaviors of their employees in order to know how to assist such individuals. At times, the working environment that a person is in can greatly influence one's behavior and as a result, most employees try to create a very conducive working environment in order to increase productivity of their works. The Washburn Guitar Company has hit the news because of its excellent performance and this was highly linked with the company’s efforts to motivate its work to improve their productivity. This firm has structured its working environment in a way to reward behaviors for work and discourage negative thoughts for work in order to boost its performance.
The employees at Washburn guitars feel motivated because of their love for the music and the care they have when making the musical instruments. Their unending love for the music inspires these workers and makes them posses a sense of belonging to their needs. These employees have an internal motivation and out of love for the music and art, they feel as if they possess an intrinsic reward, which makes them make a complete set of a guitar. According to Moran (2013), their great passion for their music and art-related jobs make them feel to have achieved their objectives in life and hence they make the finest quality guitars that search best prices in the market. The love and connection for their labor they had with every instrument make them take production to the highest possible level. Most people have greatly credited the production manager at Washburn guitars for the motivational cultures that he established in this firm.
The employees at Washburn for a long time have preferred to make d10s guitars, which have been the top selling musical instrument in the history of this firm. Many music artists term the guitar as durable and have the highest quality and it is very affordable such that even the upcoming artists are able to acquire it. Most clients of the instrument have claimed that, the guitar produces the highest quality sound and has the most admired aesthetic features in comparison with the guitars from other firms. The top musicians in the world have preferred to use this guitar from Washburn due to its consistency and this has created an extrinsic motivation for the workers at the firm (Moran, 2013).
The employees at Washburn have seen the art of guitar making as labor intensive and it requires personal dedication in order to succeed. To make quality guitars, does not need quality materials and techniques only, it needs both intrinsic and extrinsic motivations of the laborers. Washburn trained its employees to acquire the highest level of craftsmanship and have provided incentives to the dedicated workers to keep their skills at the highest degree. Moran (2013) declared that, the firm makes the workers feel as if they own the guitars they make and make them realize the great purpose the music have in their life of many people in the world. With such a mentality the workforce feel motivated to make quality products that can make a positive impact to the musicians just as the love the love for making guitars have created in them.
In conclusion the working motivation is very essential in enhancing the productivity of workers in every firm in order to improve its performance level. Washburn Company, which makes the best guitar in the world, has been very instrumental in ensuring a very conducive environment for its workers. The overall manager at Washburn Guitar Company has greatly motivated his workers and made them realize their greatest achievements in the life.
Moran, J. 2013. A Tradition of Serving Working Musicians Since 1883. Retrieved from Read More
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Motivation and Performance in Washburn Guitars Case Study.
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