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What is an organization and why are managers important to an organization's success - Essay Example

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The term organization is defined as conscious collection of individuals that are joined together in order to attain certain aims as well as objectives (Robbins 5). Organization can be referred to any setting where people are consciously joined together to attain a certain…
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What is an organization and why are managers important to an organizations success
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Download file to see previous pages A setting is recognized as an organization if it is created with a certain purpose that is unique to the organization. No organization can ever exist until and unless there are people within the organization because these people are responsible for attaining the purpose for which it was created. Lastly these organizations follow a particular structure to help members of the organization in recognizing their roles and tasks. For example: a school comprises of strict structure in which the school is head by the principal and the principals have certain number of supervisors that are answerable to the principle and who ensure that the aims set by the principle are followed by the teachers. The teachers are answerable to the supervisors and the teachers are responsible for ensuring that the students follow the instructions of the teachers in order to attain the aims that were initially constructed by the principle. All these individuals that work for the attainment of the purpose of organization are recognized as managers and these managers are responsible for the performance and the growth of the organization.
All the duties that were highlighted for different individuals of an organization fall in the category of management and management is simply defined as the task of a manager. Management constitutes of supervising different tasks carries out by different members of an organization with the objective of ensuring that these tasks are being carried in an effective and efficient manner and this task of supervising the work of others differentiates an individual holding a managerial position from those who work on non-managerial positions (Fleming 9). When managers are involved in the act of ensuring that others in the organization operate in an efficient manner, they make sure that the best possible outcomes are achieved with the investment of least possible resources. This is mainly because managers have to ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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