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MGMT305 - Case Study Example

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Factors such as the type of labor, the size of the organization, and the number of the workers are key when undertaking both organizational behavior and human…
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Extract of sample "MGMT305"

Organizational Behavior Case Study When it comes to the understanding organizational behavior there are various factorsthat have to be considered. Factors such as the type of labor, the size of the organization, and the number of the workers are key when undertaking both organizational behavior and human resource management. This is so since such issues can be the determining factor that distinguishes whether the company or business establishments will succeed or whether it will fail.
When one considers the case study, one will notice how employee motivation can slow down the functions of a business establishment. Employees can be de motivated by various issues including the actions of their fellow employees. For example, in the case study , the actions of miller are irritating other employees who have worked more thus making them to keep arguing which eventually slows down their work. But one thing that the workers should know is the fact that they cannot posses’ equal skills. If the workers were able to recognize their differences then they would come up within a system where they would compensate each others weakness with strength thus making their effectiveness much more.
For instance when one looks at the case study with regard to the MARS model of behavior then it would be evident that the approach the workers are taking is not practical since the MARs model stipulates that individual behavior is mainly influenced by “motivation, ability, role perceptions, and situational factors (TRIPOD).
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TRIPOD. MARS Model of Individual Behavior and Performance, 2013
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MGMT305 Case Study Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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