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Ethical styiles - Essay Example

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This is an indication that I prefer the ethics of care to the ethics of justice. This is because the latter does not put into consideration the interests of individuals that may be…
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Ethical styiles
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Extract of sample "Ethical styiles"

Ethical Styles After undertaking the quiz the results indicated that I had scored more Cs as compared to J s. This is an indication that I prefer the ethics of care to the ethics of justice. This is because the latter does not put into consideration the interests of individuals that may be affected by the decisions that are made. To a larger extent, choice of ethical styles may be attributed to the way individuals have been brought up (Dimauro, 2006). This may play a huge role in the way people make decisions as they will tend to copy what they used to observe in their tender ages.
Ethics of care takes into consideration the effect that a decision may have on immediate individuals. As a leader I would not put into play policies or rules that may harm individuals or cause them suffering. This is because this approach is flexible and caring and it can respond to changing environments. As compared to the justice approach, it can be applied in life since once cannot use rigid rules as there are some exceptional situations that may arise. This approach can be applied in the management of a firm as it is sensitive to the consequences of decisions to individuals. In fact it considers consensus building an important aspect and it also emphasizes on people doing things out of their own interest rather than being forced (Kovac, 2012).
Studies carried out previously suggest that purpose is a great motivator just like profit in any business (Landau, 2010). Therefore this calls the need for leaders to put the interests of their employees at heart. This entails not hurting them through setting rigid rules that may make them suffer. This will create a sense of belonging on the part of the employees thus they will try their level best to ensure that the business is successful as they will take it as their own. As a leader I will therefore involve all my employees in decision making process so that they pass the rules themselves. This will help them work as per the rules that they will have set on their own. It will have also put their interests in consideration as they will tend to make rules that fit their own interests.
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Ethical Styiles Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 250 Words.
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