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Empowering Other's Actions - Essay Example

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This is because the quality and style of leadership determines success within an organization (Sperry, 2013). Exemplary leaders practice effective management skills that drive their respective teams or…
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Empowering Others Actions
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Extract of sample "Empowering Other's Actions"

Empowering Others Actions Empowering Others Actions Introduction Leadership is an important element of every organization, team or business. This is because the quality and style of leadership determines success within an organization (Sperry, 2013). Exemplary leaders practice effective management skills that drive their respective teams or companies to success. I recently acted as a group leader in a class and this was a true test to my leadership skills and offered me a chance to learn more leadership. I learnt that it is important to promote collaboration by building trusts and developing relations within a group or a tem working towards a common goal. This is done through various ways. First, it is important for leaders to clearly define and communicate the duties of every team member. Each individual play their part and the end result is seen as a contribution of the group members (Kayser, 2010). Secondly, there should be effective communication among the team members themselves and between the leaders. Thirdly, all issues should be addressed timely and directly. Finally, team members should take part in team building activities to create a good working relationship and bonding.
I have been involved in several situations where I had to strengthen my team members through self-determination and promoting competence among the team members. Last semester, we were assigned a group assignment and I was appointed as the group leader. Our topic was involving and required a lot of research therefore; there was immense pressure on us to complete the task on time. It was two days to the deadline of submission, we were not yet with analyzing the data we had collected and this meant that our group could not submit the assignment on time. However, I was determined to complete the on time and we worked tirelessly with other members of the team to complete the assignment. I did all that I could to encourage the other members to put their best foot forward. We did not sleep for the two days to submission. This was stressful and we were discouraged since other groups had successfully completed their tasks. I felt like a failure as I had failed to lead the team in the right direction towards achieving the primary goal that was to hand in the assignment on time. We all got a penalty of five points in the final grade.
There are several reasons that can be this failure. First, we failed to manage our time well and failed to take into account that we had chosen a difficult assignment. Secondly, we paid too much attention on team building activities and less on actual completion of the task. Thirdly, I failed to distribute the tasks according to individuals’ capabilities (Kouzes and Posner, 2011). As the group leader, I could have done things differently to ensure success within the team. I should have come up with a better time management schedule, better division of tasks and chosen a better topic that did not required too much effort (Sperry, 2013). If I could have employed this, we could have had better chances to complete the task.
From the above discussion, it is clear that effective leadership ensures success within a group and it is important for leaders to ensure collaboration within the team. My experience discusses a leadership incidence that tested my leadership skills however; I failed in achieving the ultimate goal of the team and could have done better.
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Empowering Other'S Actions Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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