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Discuss and evaluate effective management and leadership behaviors and their - Term Paper Example

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Management, defined as an act or duty to exercise authority over a group of people or an institution, plays a major role in the operations and success of a group or the entire…
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Discuss and evaluate effective management and leadership behaviors and their
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Download file to see previous pages It will also look into ethical and social implications of effective management and leadership in professional practice.
Management behavior consists of managers’ actions or conducts in the course of management duties. It therefore includes judgments and actions that a manager directs to both subordinates and seniors. For a management behavior to be effective, it must be able to achieve management objectives. One of the effective management behaviors is motivation. Behaviors towards motivating employees have the potential of increasing the will and desire by employees to focus on achieving desired objectives of an organization. Such behaviors include empowering the subordinates, creating a friendly atmosphere, and building the confidence among the subordinates. Empowerment would for instance involve developing the inner potential of individual employees. With this respect, an effective manager would interact with the subordinates with the aim of learning their internal strengths and weaknesses. This would then be followed by initiatives to develop the identified strengths while helping the subordinate to work on and resolve the identified weaknesses. Motivation, as a management behavior, would therefore be aimed at catalyzing attainment of employees’ potentials. As a result, the management and the organization will benefit from improved productivity while the employee will develop a successful career that will be reflected in his or her social status at home. There will also be implied ethical aspects in the management (Buckingham and Coffman, 2005).
Another effective management behavior involves exercising influence over employees. Though good policies may be formulated towards achieving objectives of a firm, success in implementation of such objectives can only be achieved if the employees are geared towards working for the goals. Aligning employees’ psychological potentials towards developing positive attitudes over the formulated policies are ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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