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Management in Apple - Case Study Example

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This paper tells that globalization of human capital is when the workforce is moved out of their country of origin to other countries for employment in different sectors. This kind of employment is facilitated by the availability highly qualified laborers and various companies…
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Management in Apple
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Extract of sample "Management in Apple"

Case Study/Apple
1. Globalization of human capital is when the workforce is moved out of their country of origin to other countries for employment in different sectors. This kind of employment is facilitated by the availability highly qualified laborers and various companies with their branches everywhere around the globe. Globalization is inevitable because it is established and the companies are able to utilize the talents, labor force and knowledge.
2. Main threat in this case is when President Obama asked Apple’s C.E.O, Steve Job issues regarding decrease of job opportunities in U.S and transferring job to other countries. This was a threat to the company in their own country. There is also a negative expression on the company contributed by poor working condition cases at Faxconn. The opportunity for Apple Company is the expected high profit of $321 per iPhones that is an evident of a global company’s profit.
3. The assertion sounded a bit harsh because as a citizen, the executive would have considered the company’s obligation towards America vital. However, considering the aim of every company of making profit, the executive was right because the most important thing is growth, quality and maximum profit.
4. Some of the key stakeholders are Apple Inc., Foxconn, the society and the government who have obligations. The company has an obligation of offering best quality products to their consumers. Foxconn has an obligation of adhering to high quality work ethics that do not interfere with the Apple’s quality brand. The government has to ensure that Apple adheres to the trade and labor laws put in place.
5. If iPhone is prepared in America, I am likely to pay much higher because of the higher cost of labor and the distance covered to acquire raw materials.
6. If assembled in China with better labor conditions or pay, I will pay an averagely higher price compared with the current price because there will be an increase in labor cost. However, the lower cost of raw materials in China may make the cost of production not go that high.
7. The negative media coverage has hugely affected Apple’s recent decision to ask the FLA to do an independent assessment and the subsequent decision by Foxconn to raise some salaries because the company is committed to maintain a brand name and wants to be associated with quality but not failure in the ethical issues. The company’s sells will go high because they will have won the hearts of a few customers who had been turned off by the negative media coverage. Read More
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