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Robin Hood - Case Study Example

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He had sure gained popularity across England in his pursuit to free King Richard and lot of people were coming in to be a part of his band. This is where his strength lied…
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Robin Hood Case
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Extract of sample "Robin Hood"

Robin Hood was having moment with himself and thinking about the present situation with things around him. He had sure gained popularity across England in his pursuit to free King Richard and lot of people were coming in to be a part of his band. This is where his strength lied. He had the support of the people working with him. Increasing size of the band was a source of encouragement for him and also the fact that the fame for his Merrymen was spreading and lot of new recruits were pouring in from every corner of England. But there was a downside to it as well. As the size of the band started growing, they had to increase the supply of food for each of his men. It was exceeding the food capacity of his band. Second issue that bothered Robin was that, with increasing men in his band, it was becoming difficult for him to maintain the discipline. He was thinking of changing the way of his policies in order to maintain the order of his band. The best way to do it would be to stop confiscating the goods from the rich and rather imply a transit tax for each of the person crossing from there woods. He has to get things more organized, because he was aware of the fact that the sheriff was becoming more and more organized gradually. This was threatening for Robin and his band men. So using a fixed transit was the best option rather than killing the sheriff or being a part of Barons in order to topple the king, because there was no assurance that they succeed in their plan. In case they did not, then the King will get back to everyone and all these preparations would go in vain.
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