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Robin Hoods Band as an Example of Financial Control and Authority in Resolving Disputes between People - Assignment Example

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This paper "Robin Hood’s Band as an Example of Financial Control and Authority in Resolving Disputes between People" focuses on the situation that Robin and the Merrymen are in it is best for them to adopt a new plan of action. The current plan is not only going to compromise the security of the band but would also lead to a loss in income of the band. …
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Robin Hoods Band as an Example of Financial Control and Authority in Resolving Disputes between People
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Extract of sample "Robin Hoods Band as an Example of Financial Control and Authority in Resolving Disputes between People"

Download file to see previous pages Imposing a fixed tax on the route through the forest would make Robin unpopular with the band which in turn could lead to a revolt against Robin and his supporters (Burke, Lake and Paine). It is also important to mention here that a fixed transit tax would have Robin lose the support of the villagers.
Expanding into new territory would allow Robin and his band to generate greater revenue than they are currently generating. This would not only solve financial problems of the band but would also make it harder for Prince John and the Sheriff to track down members of the band and interrogate them regarding the whereabouts of the entire band. Expanding into new territory would also provide the opportunity to hide their loot in different more secure places.
Killing the Sheriff would not yield the result of Robin’s financial problems and there is a good chance that killing the Sheriff would create more troubles for him than it would solve. Killing off the Sheriff might help Robin get the authorities off his back temporarily but Prince John and the Sheriff’s political allies would be even more determined to apprehend Robin. Furthermore murdering the Sheriff would not be an easy task. The Sheriff would probably be guarded by his men at all times and getting close to him would not be an easy task.
The Barons’ proposal has a lot of advantages but there are also a large number of disadvantages to the acceptance of their proposal. The greatest advantage of helping the barons ensure the return of King Richard would not only get rid of Prince John and the Sheriff but it would also put Robin and his band in King Richard’s good books. However, there is a chance that a plan this big would grab the attention of Prince John before it can be carried out. The participation of Robin in such a plan could increase the determination of Prince John to capture Robin and his band of men.
The best course of action for Robin would be to opt to expand into new territories.    ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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Robin Hoods Band As an Example of Financial Control and Authority in Assignment.
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