In the movie The Hurricane what was Ruben Hurricane Carter's Identity, meaning and relationships with other chartecters - Essay Example

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8 July, 2011. Character Analysis: Ruben “Hurricane” Carter: The Hurricane is a controversial film that according to the screenplay writer, is a true story though people hold differing views regarding the reliability of facts presented therein…
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In the movie The Hurricane what was Ruben Hurricane Carters Identity, meaning and relationships with other chartecters
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8 July, Character Analysis: Ruben “Hurricane” Carter: The Hurricane is a controversial film that according to the screenplay writer, is a true story though people hold differing views regarding the reliability of facts presented therein. The film revolves around the character of Ruben “Hurricane” Carter who was one of the most famous middleweight boxers in the 1960s and was considered by many as eligible for attaining the status of a world champion. Carter has been depicted in the movie as a victim of the justice system that is shaped by racism. Carter has personally authored the screenplay which is the reason why it fundamentally portrays the opinion of Rubin "Hurricane" Carter. The film portrays Carter as a passerby who is innocent and is not involved in the act of murder. According to the story’s plot, Carter was driving with a friend of his named John Artis towards home. They were on their way back from a club in Paterson when the police made them stop and inquired them about the murder of three people in a bar. The police’s suspicion was flared up by the claim of Alfred Bello that Artis and Carter were the witnesses of the act of murder. The police arrested Artis and Carter due to the allegations imposed by Bello upon the two and later, Carter was sentenced for life thrice. Carter maintained his position saying that he was being humiliated because of his African American race and his active participation in the civil rights movement. Despite the fact that Arthur Bradley and Bello recanted their allegation in 1974, Artis and Carter faced reconviction. Carter’s case was reinvestigated in 1980s by the state of New Jersey upon the insistence of Lesra Martin, a Brooklyn teenager who was working with activists from Canada. The Federal District Court decided in 1985 that the conviction of Carter happened solely because of racism. As a result of the Federal District Court’s decision, Carter was set free. In the story, The Hurricane, Vicellous Shannon, Live Schreiber, John Hannah, and Deborah Washington have played the role of activists from Canada who encouraged the reinvestigation of Carter’s care under the leadership of Vicellous Shannon – Lesra Martin in the real world. The fundamental meaning of this film was that Robin “Hurricane” Carter wanted to have his opinion conveyed to the public in a meaningful way so that those who consider him guilty of murder may alter their opinions about him. Nevertheless, there is a disparity between the identity of Carter in the film and that in the real life. Families of the victims are of the view that Carter is indeed, one of the two murderers. Carter has portrayed the identity of a talented boxer that had been pulled into controversy by allies. Carter’s relations with other characters of the play are evident from their respective roles. Carter and Artis are colleagues. Alfred Bello and Arthur Bradley are the villains who create trouble for Carter and Artis while Lesra Martin and her colleagues are the truth seekers. Works Cited: Jewison, Norman, dir. The Hurricane (1999). Universal Pictures, 1999. Film. Read More
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