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Management in Robin Hood band - Essay Example

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Date: Robin Hood The management of the Merrymen band was the responsibility of one man, Robin Hood, who ruled supreme. He wielded all the power to authorize the members of the band on how they should undertake their activities, determining the nature of the raids that the band was to undertake and when to do it, and where…
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Management in Robin Hood band
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Download file to see previous pages He selected four lieutenants, where one was placed in charge of intelligence and scouting, the other one responsible for maintain discipline among the members of the band, the third one entrusted with the role of managing the finances of the band and the last lieutenant authorized to undertake the provisioning of the ever increasing band. The purpose/value statement of the band was “Rob the rich and give to the poor” (Lampel, 1). However, the band did not live up to its mission and eventually wanted to change from confiscating of goods to start taxing the people. This was a point of failure, since the band lost its purpose and mission, a fact that served to weaken its fight against the Sherriff. The key stakeholders were the members of the band, the enemy who was the Sherriff, the political allies and friends of the Sherriff, the rich merchants and traders and the not so well-up village people. Each of the stakeholders had their expectations. The band members expected to defeat the Sherriff, the village people expected their interests to be fought for by the band, the Sherriff expected to defeat the band and the allies of the Sherriff expected to remain in power. ...
le, when the leader suggested the taxation of the people in order to make enough finances to fund the bands operation, the band members opposed to the taxation of the people, whom they considered their allies. The threats to the band were the decline in the sources of supplies for their food and finances, as well as the increased growth in strength of their enemy, the Sherriff. The opportunities open to the band was its collaboration with the barons who were against Prince John, a conspiracy that would earn the band future amnesty. The key issues arising from the analysis is the inappropriateness of the leadership style applied by the bandleader. A one-man leadership style did not seem to work, especially as the number of the band grew to enormous. Lack of commitment to the mission and purpose of the band is yet another issue. Another issue is that the band lacked a plan and a projection of the future growth crisis of the band, as well as the decline in their financial and food resources. The underlying question for the bands organization then becomes, can the band overcome all the challenges facing it and stay committed to its course of fighting the Sherriff? Applying the five-factor model on the management of the band, there is a perceived fulfillment of the requirements of some elements of the model. For example, there is a high degree of sociability in the bands management, a high level of thoughtfulness as indicated by the deep thinking portrayed by the bands leader, emotional instability and anxiety is also present, as demonstrated by the anxiety that the leader has. Openness is yet another trait portrayed by the leader of the band, in terms of his imagination and insights (Lampel, 2). However, one element, as required by the five-factor model is missing in the ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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