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Leadership and Management - Critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership as portrayed in Elizabeth (1998) - Research Paper Example

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Through her interactions with Sir William and Sir Francis among others – as well as – the nation as a whole, the leadership outlook of…
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Leadership and Management - Critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership as portrayed in Elizabeth (1998)
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Extract of sample "Leadership and Management - Critically analyse the effectiveness of leadership as portrayed in Elizabeth (1998)"

Download file to see previous pages The effectiveness of her leadership is demonstrated by her ability to shape the politics of England as well as the critical decisions that shaped the political environment of that time.
Elizabeth (1998) is a 1998 biographical film, in the role of Queen Elizabeth I of England. The movie explores the leadership outlook and the reign of Elizabeth, which started after the death of her half-sister Mary I, who had held her as a captive (Elizabeth 1998). Her reign over the bankrupt and divided territory was considered to pose a high risk of invasion by Spain and France, but the effectiveness of her leadership appears to dissolve the issues facing the territory. Through the effective leadership outlook of Elizabeth, she is able to surmount major internal threats, including that of Eccleston, the 4th Duke of Norfolk and that from the armies of Ardant (Mary of Guise), which took place at Scotland. Using her leadership outlook and using the wits of leadership, she evades plots from Gielgud (Pope Pius V).
Through her effective teamwork with partners like Rush (Francis Walsingham), she masters both external and internal threats, and manages to execute the plotters of the attacks very effectively. After realizing that her affair with Fiennes (Robert Dudley) was compromising her effectiveness as a leader, she resolves to stay married to England only. At the conclusion of the movie, the effectiveness of her leadership leads to the initiation of England’s golden age, which demonstrated the positive outlook of her reign and leadership style (Elizabeth 1998). This paper will explore the leadership characteristics of Elizabeth, which signify that her leadership was effective – like it is portrayed through the film. The paper will also explore relevant leadership issues, towards demonstrating the effectiveness of Elizabeth, citing relevant ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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