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Leadership & Ethics for Managers week two DB - Essay Example

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This is despite devoting all my time to work in an environment that I dislike because the driving force in this situation emanates from desire to obtain necessities that will sustain me in life…
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Leadership & Ethics for Managers week two DB
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Extract of sample "Leadership & Ethics for Managers week two DB"

Leadership & Ethics For Managers Week Two DB Is it possible that you hold this view because of your dislike for your working environment?
It is possible to hold the view of working environment as an addicting narcotic. This is despite devoting all my time to work in an environment that I dislike because the driving force in this situation emanates from desire to obtain necessities that will sustain me in life. These include basic needs and other secondary wants, which are only attainable by use of money that I earn from my work. Therefore, working environment is like a destructive drug that a person intends to stop using but due to enslavement by addiction, he or she gets much involved in it. Addiction in this case comprises salary/wage, which I get from my work because there is no other alternative currently available.
If you liked your work setting, would you feel differently?
I will feel different because the drive behind my motivation to work more than required descends from the love and passion of the setting as well as the kind of task I am undertaking. Liking the kind of task, I am undertaking comes from one’s favorable environment, which respective authorities or corporation has ensured for its workers such that they are capable of enjoying while working. This implies I am not putting up with the setting in order to meet my goal, which is earning much money to sustain me in life.
Have you ever considered that this is an issue of perception? In other words, we view people who like to work a lot as not following what is “right” – which often means having a perfect balance between a work life and personal life.
Yes. Since much of their work encompasses thinking about work to the extent when they are not working or out of their working environment, most of the time one feels uncomfortable (Burke & Cooper, 2010). Mostly, while out of their working environment tend to think they are failing the corporation, which desperately needs their contribution to succeed (Burke & Cooper, 2010).
Burke, R. J., & Cooper, C. L. (2010). Risky business: Psychological, physical and financial costs of high risk behavior in organizations. Farnham: Gower. Read More
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