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Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company - Essay Example

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The focus of this paper "Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company" is on the quality in regards to their Mitsubishi Diamante car. The company has received numerous complaints on the reverse acceleration problems associated with their Mitsubishi Diamante car product. …
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Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company
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Extract of sample "Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company"

Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company
The apparent issue in the Mitsubishi case is that of quality in regards to their Mitsubishi Diamante car (WSJ 2000, p.1). The company has received numerous complaints on the reverse acceleration problems associated with their Mitsubishi Diamante car product. There appears to be an operational issue in relation to the quality control of their 1998 Mitsubishi Diamante. The car’s engine frequently gets reported to reverse up by itself when it gets parked. This predisposes customers who have the Mitsubishi Diamante to the risk of freak accidents (Kunii 2000, p.1). The company’s management also appears negligent towards the various reported defects within their cars. The company appears not to have a clear strategy towards solving the acceleration problems reported with their cars. From the case study, the company’s management appears to cover up the reported malfunctions in their car.
The Mitsubishi case study reveals the need of maintaining and ensuring quality within products. The product developed by Mitsubishi appears to fail to satisfy its stated and or implied need. As per the user-based quality, various customers of the car have complained about the car’s sudden acceleration problems. Customers have voiced their complaints and dissatisfaction about the Mitsubishi Diamante’s malfunctioning system. The product does not to conform to its design specification. Meanwhile the company’s management fails to engage its engineers comprehensively so that they can address the malfunctions. As a result of the flailing quality associated with their car, the Mitsubishi Company’s reputation has received a knock down (WSJ 2000, p.1). This is evident through its slumps in sales.
The Mitsubishi Company also appears to flack on its service quality. The company fails itself on various dimensions of service quality (Jones & Robinson 2012, p.69). The company’s management does not appear dedicated towards resolving the customers’ complains on the acceleration problem reliably. The company’s management does not appear to be responsive in addressing the issues raised by the customer but instead engage in cover up mechanisms. The company is not assuring. It does not convey trust and confidence to its clients. Company executives have termed Toyoda who is their customer as rude and a liar for making complaints about their car. The company has proceeded to file lawsuits against Toyoda who went online to register support for the complaint against the accelerated problem (Kunii 2000, p.1). This appears rude and intimidating for customers who may want to make similar complaints to the company in future. The company’s management also seems to lack empathy in their service quality. They do not appear approachable as evidenced by their customer Toyoda who made a complaint to them regarding the acceleration problems in their car. They brushed the customer off as a liar and rude.
From the case study, the Mitsubishi Company should aim at conducting their business in a transparent and integral manner. The company’s management should not ignore the numerous complaints received on the glitches in their car. The company’s management should be responsible enough to admit the glitches and look at ways of addressing them. The company should review its operation strategy to ensure that maintenance and service quality gets provided on the Mitsubishi Diamante to ensure the quality of the car.

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I didn’t know how to start my text. "Operation Management in Mitsubishi Company" helped me out a lot! Especially the list of resources was valuable.

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