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Learning log - Essay Example

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This work involves looking for people and convincing them on the right policies for them and why? Therefore what I did with regards to…
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Learning log
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Extract of sample "Learning log"

First learning log As a sales officer in an insurance firm, my main role is to find as much as possible for the company to realize sales of its policies. This work involves looking for people and convincing them on the right policies for them and why? Therefore what I did with regards to this entails:- making appointments of prospective clients, thereafter I visited them in person to tell them about the policies, I had to be observant of each person I deal with to predict their behavior so that I am able to convince them.
With due regards to this, I think and have an experience of sales as a technical job because it involves dealing with new personalities every day. I think that a company should consider remunerating sales people well because they intrigue the revenue sources for the company hence deserve a motivation. Given the work they do they should be motivated more and with all the sources available. The company in an insurance setting should also consider the economic situation and always make policies that make the work of sales people easier in terms of adjustable terms (Sukiennik, Bendat & Raufman 2007).
What I would do differently next time is to make a list of all the clients and categorize them according to need as opposed to handling them one at a time. I would also ensure I do more research on the subject I intend to share with the clients to make them see the need of purchasing insurance policies. This is prompted by the rising demand for insurance schemes and policies. In the future I would also ensure that I create a stress free work environment as it only adds more burdens (Honey 2000).
Second learning log
As a volunteer teacher in the NGO schools I had an interesting experience of interacting with teenagers of ages 6-12 years. What I did was majorly to creatively formulate activities for the kids which brought together so many kinds of games. I had to ensure that the activities that we come with were always new and up to date as the leadership of the school highly discouraged traditional learning. This made me have the roles of linking between a topic and the likeliness by the children.
What I think is that the school should allow for all forms of learning for the kids. As opposed to rote memorization and spoon feeding as practiced in the school currently, the learning should be student centered and generated (Rijlaarsdam, Bergh & Couzijn 2005). This is as portrayed by the “Cognitivism Learning Theory” which according to my experience helped me do my job well.
Therefore what I would do differently entails allowing the creation of the activities and games by the pupils be generated from them. My role would be supervisory and advisory. This would help make the involvements that the children are engaged in be interesting hence making the children always looking forward. I would also change my complete getup for the sake of new memories in the children. Lastly, as opposed to dividing the kids based on age groups I mix them up for shared experiences (Honey 2000).

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Learning Log Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 Words.
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