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The report “Exploring Strategic Change” relies on a case study of Ascension plc Company; Transport Engineering Division (TED) to carry out the strategic analysis within the organization. The aim of the report is to explore several aspects of the changes that had occurred between 2012 and 2014…
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Exploring Strategic Change
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Download file to see previous pages The company began to face a very tragic problem in 2012 since it started engaging in colossal projects that were unmanageable by its systems and processes leading to higher risks of closure (Cameron, 2015). Immediate change that occurred in late 2012 rescued the company and this included terminating the contract of the then chief executive officer among other minor amendments that took place.
In the analysis of the strategic change process, Balogun and Hope Hailey’s Change Kaleidoscope model and Lewin’s Forcefield Analysis was taken into consideration as a change impact (Krogerus, 2013). Johnson’s Cultural Web model and Kotter’s 8 Change Steps model were the other two analytical tools used to analyze the internal features and measure the change in Ascension plc (TED).
The model was developed to pull together and systematically arrange a wide range of related features and implementation options that require consideration during the transition. The tool is used in gestating the character of change. The model uses a comprehensive framework that captures all the significant factors as deemed by the instigator. The model discovers the features entailed in a change model; these features are categorized in rings that can spur change, inhibit change or implement change (Norland, 2006). The implementer should, therefore, comprehend the appropriate features of change to enable them to make sound judgment in a particular context. The change kaleidoscope contains eight features:
TED strategic change timeline was chosen as three years. The main change agent was Jack Warner who had a limited autonomy leadership style. Jack Warner can be identified as the enabler of change because his introduction spurred a turnover of £160 million.
One of the strategies used in implementing the much-needed change was reducing the size of staff by half. This was a strategy that was devised to maximize productivity using limited resources. ...Download file to see next pagesRead More
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