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Appreciative Inquiry of David Cooperrider - Essay Example

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The paper “Appreciative Inquiry of David Cooperrider” examines Appreciative Inquiry (AI), as discovering and applying new knowledge and innovative ideas about key aspects of organizational life. It basically focuses on the generation and application of knowledge…
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Appreciative Inquiry of David Cooperrider
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Extract of sample "Appreciative Inquiry of David Cooperrider"

Download file to see previous pages The questions asked are affirmative in nature and it focuses on the topic valuable to the people who are involved and directed at topics and issues for the success of the organization. This inquiry identifies “the area” where the organization needs to change. The change can be of different types which are as follows:
 When an organization has to adapt to external factors, it may go through a major strategic change. Strategic organizational changes are usually quite transformative in nature as they include major adjustments and complete upheavals of the present way the organization operates.
 People changes can be of large-scale or incremental. Large-scale people changes include replacement of the top executives with new employees in order to change the entire organization’s culture. Smaller-scale or incremental people changes include sending of management workers to team-building workshops and classes. These changes can be planned or unplanned, which may impact the employee’s attitudes towards work, behaviors of the individual and their performances.
 Process changes define to be an attempt to improve the overall workflow efficiency and productivity of the organization. Organizations implementing these types of changes are highly successful when the new innovative process is applied to employee groups and the outcome of the new process work (Sharma, 2008).
 In Silkeborg Council (Denmark) the problem in every department was absenteeism. The average number of working days that are lost over the first six months of 2001 was 9.25. One of the departments in which absenteeism was very high was the elderly care department. At this stage, the employees and the employers are inquired about the reason for absenteeism and then they are informed about the type of change which should be undertaken by them.
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